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Robert Randolph and the Very Real Friday Night Knicks Curse

JR Smith Robert Randolph Curse Knicks

About two years ago, a joke started within my group of friends:

“The Knicks never win on Friday Night Knicks!”

It was a mere joke at that point, only two years or so into the Robert Randolph night of singing.

It is something that led SB Nation’s “Posting and Toasting” to try and debunk in the past.

The bad news?  We’re now in our fourth year of Robert Randolph, and the curse lives.

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The Game Where Mark Sanchez Runs Into Brandon Moore’s Ass and Fumbles

Random Jets Fan: “If they beat the Patriots tonight, maybe we can make it to the playoffs”

Random Jets Fan: “Don’t ever allow me to speak again.”

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Save the Sanchize: Why the Rams Game Could Be The Most Important Game of Mark Sanchez’s Career

Mark Sanchez has played in a ton of big games so far in his career.  In the first two years, he did very well in them, including big wins he played well in during the playoffs that he still does not get enough credit for.

Last year, we saw a bit of a regression out of Sanchez in the clutch, as well as fewer big games for him to play.

Now we are at a possible turning point in the Jets-Sanchez relationship.  For all intents and purposes, the season will probably be over if they cannot defeat the Rams this Sunday.  It will definitely be over if they cannot come back 4 days later and beat the Patriots on Thanksgiving, but without winning the Rams game, the former is probably unwinnable.

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The One Where I Point Out The Obvious About the 2012 Jets…

Season’s over.

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NBA Season Preview (In 500 words or less)


Opening Day Starting Lineup (Pts/Reb/Ast)
PG: Deron Williams 21.0/3.3/8.7
SG: Joe Johnson 18.8/3.7/3.9
SF: Gerald Wallace 15.2/6.8/3.1
PF: Kris Humphries 13.8/11.0/1.5
C: Brook Lopez 19.2/3.6/1.2

Biggest Question: Is this team really rising?

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