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Michael Sam and the Crushing Weight and Loneliness of Expectations


When Michael Sam made the announcement, his intention of being the first openly gay athlete in the NFL, we expected speed bumps.

We expected Sam’s draft stock slip.  We expected athletes would use code words to hide discrimination and fears. We expected “distraction” talk from coaches and general management.

But most of all, we, and Michael Sam expected him to persevere and be an NFL player.

We didn’t expect where he would be today.

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U.S. Olympic Hero T.J. Oshie’s History of Excellent Pictures on the Internet


The world met St. Louis Blues and America’s T.J. Oshie when he scored four shootout goals to take down rival Russia 3-2 at the Sochi Olympics.

But a quick internet search leads us to interesting Oshie finds that have been dying to be dug up for the public to see. Continue reading

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Matt Harvey and the Mets Lose Game; Fan Loses Footing and Falls Down Rows of CitiField Seats


The Mets lost a ball game today.

Even though it was against the best team in baseball, the St. Louis Cardinals, and their best pitcher Adam Wainwright, fans were dejected to witness phenom Matt Harvey’s first loss this year.

What one fan didn’t expect, was to lose his dignity to embarrassment on national TV. Continue reading


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Meet Terrell Brown, The St. Louis Rams Brand New 6’10, 403 Pound Offensive Lineman


It was known that the St. Louis Rams wanted to add size to their offensive line this off-season.

Who knew it would be this much.

Say hello to Terrell Brown, undrafted free agent out of Ole Miss, the heaviest player in the league at 403 pounds and standing at a monstrous height of 6’10! Continue reading

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Matt Harvey Will Definitely Start for the NL in the All-Star Game…Unless One of These Other Guys Do


He’s on the over of Sports Illustrated.  He has taken New York by storm.  He has drawn comparisons from Tom Seaver to Dwight Gooden to Roger Clemens to Justin Verlander.

He has an ERA of 1.44, 0.73 WHIP, 62 K in 56.1 innings.  He is the Mets pitching phenom, Matt Harvey.

We know he is here to stay – the only question now is, will he start the All-Star Game, taking place at Citifield in July?  He is definitely the favorite, as well as the hometown hero, so it is in the bag, right?  Well, just for kicks, lets throw around a few other names who could be on the mound for that first inning in Flushing, Queens.* Continue reading


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A Hall of Fame Entering The Steroid Era: Why Baseball Needs To Never Forget, But Also Include

At 2 PM today, Baseball Writers will be setting a standard for who during the “Steroid Era” can be considered a Hall of Famer and who cannot.

What this standard is, exactly, nobody seems to know. Continue reading

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A Dangerous Precedent: The Niners and Benching Alex Smith

49ers QB Alex Smith was carrying the 3rd best Quarterback Rating in the NFL going into their game with the St. Louis Rams on November 11.  In that game, he was concussed from a hit that resulted in Smith missing the remainder of the game and the following matchup with one of the league’s top defenses, the Chicago Bears, on Monday Night Football.

In his stead came Colin Kaepernick, the potential-laden 2nd year player from Nevada.  Blessed with a rocket for an arm and the ability to run anywhere on the field, many in San Francisco were excited to see him play.

After throwing for 117 yards passing and rushing for 66 with a touchdown, Kaepernick followed that up with a shockingly strong 243 yards and 2 TD performance vs. the Bears.  Following the game, it became obvious during coach Jim Harbaugh’s press conference that the “hot hand” was going to remain the starter.

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Video of the Day 10/22/12 – Giants closer Brian Wilson

Injured San Francisco Giants closer, Brian Wilson, tries to rally his team late in Game 6 of the 2012 NLCS vs. the Cardinals by playing “We Will Rock You” on his teammates’ heads.

Brian Wilson…still getting it done.

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