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Bill Murray Bodyslams Lee Corso on ESPN’s College Gameday


Every week, ESPN’s College Gameday picks a new town to do their show from.  What is less known is that they usually have a celebrity guest on each week to make picks with the analysts.

Bill Murray was on this week and like with most things Bill Murray, it was great. Continue reading

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Henderson Alvarez Completes a No-Hitter on Walk-Off Wild Pitch


Henderson Alvarez threw the 5th no-hitter in Miami Marlins history, Sunday.  It will go down as one of the strangest in MLB history.

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New York Yankees Traded for Vernon Wells…But Why? Desperation


The Yankees traded for Angels outfielder Vernon Wells, today.  It is a relatively low-risk trade [monetarily] that might allow the Yankees to break even next year.

But the real question is, was it worth it? Continue reading

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AL Cy Young Race Is Closed: Fernando Rodney Should Win

This time of year, starting pitchers get all the looks for the Cy Young award and why not, they pitch the most innings and have the longest effect on games of anyone during the game.

There have been several relief pitchers that have won the Cy Young, but like starting pitchers and the MVP, it is few and far between.  But every so often, there comes a reliever that should get the attention of the media and their league.

This year, we have one in the American League that should be under major consideration: the Tampa Bay Ray’s closer, Fernando Rodney.

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