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Rangers’ Henrik Lundqvist Appears In Yet Another “This is Sportscenter” Commercial (Video)


New York Rangers goalie, Henrik Lundqvist, appears in a new “This Is Sportscenter” commercial for ESPN.

This time around, they make light of the usually dapper Lundqvist in “Casual Friday”.

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Yes, The Knicks’ J.R. Smith Has a List for Dating an Athlete on Instagram, As You May Have Guessed


Many around the world have wondered at one time or another, “How can I date a professional superstar athlete?”

Well, J.R. Smith has the details to help all those people make it happen.

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Bill Belichick Wants The NFL Combine To End So He Can Go To Sleep (GIF)


To many, the NFL Combine is just a monotonous few days where guys show off their given abilities in a bunch of skills that do not directly have to do with football.

Most around football at least play along and pretend that it is an important week of drills, and realize either way that it will affect the draft tremendously.

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Knicks Steve Novak and the Rap Tribute Dedicated to Him (Video)


Knicks woes got you down?

This tribute made by Youtube poster, jmooallemurban, for Steve Novak will help you regain some faith in the Knicks.

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Jets CB Darrelle Revis Finally Fires Back at Seahawks’ Richard Sherman, Says He Runs His Mouth Like a Girl


For the better part of the off-season, Seattle Seahawks defender, Richard Sherman, has been running his mouth on Twitter, talking himself up as the best cornerback in the NFL.

The target of his rants has been injured Jets CB, Darrelle Revis, as can be seen in this previous post.

Today, Darrelle Revis finally responded. Continue reading

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On This President’s Day, A Celebration of Some Great [Movie] Leaders


President’s Day, and President’s Week (for those luckier) is a great time to remember the great leaders we had in the United States.  This year, more than most, we were reminded of perhaps the best President in our history, Abraham Lincoln, when Steven Spielberg released “Lincoln” in theatres, starring Daniel Day Lewis.

But there are plenty of great Presidents we should remember today; those that led us to greatness….on the silver screen. *(CAUTION: SPOILERS!~@!!@)*

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The Guide to NBA All-Star Saturday Night 2013


Four major competitions make up the NBA All-Star Saturday Night Event: Shooting Stars, Skills Challenge, Three-Point Contest, and Dunk Contest.

Below is a run down of what you will find when you turn on your TV Saturday night

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Knicks’ J.R. Smith Hangs Out With the Power Rangers Because J.R. Smith


JR Smith hung out with children….and the Power Rangers (!) during a celebration of the 20th anniversary of the show today at the Jacob Javits Center.

That’s all.  Enjoy, Knicks fans!

Update: J.R., Mothers, Power Rangers…America (below)!  Continue reading

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Devils’ Martin Brodeur Makes a Clumsy Save, Falls All Over Himself in Win Over Penguins (Video and GIF)


The New Jersey Devils beat the Pittsburgh Penguins today, 3-1.  In this hockey world, we hate to give the Devil his due, but Martin Brodeur had the NHL highlight of the day, falling all over the place trying to stop a flying puck heading towards his net.

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Be Afraid: Pekovic Is Coming For the Knicks…and Probably Superman…


The Knicks travel to Minnesota to take on the Minnesota Timberwolves tonight.

They are coming off a stunning loss to the Wizards on Wednesday, but what they really have to fear, more than a losing streak, more than even the “Friday Night Knicks Curse”, is manifested in a 6’11 290 lbs. Kryptonian Warlord, named Nikola Pekovic. Continue reading

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